Parker Outdoor Inc

Advertising today for your tomorrow

Sign #18 SouthSign #18 SouthWelcome to Parker Outdoor Inc, a premier billboard advertising company specializing in outdoor media.

To increase the sales of your products and services, it is important to create brand awareness and target a specific market. Billboard advertising is the most effective and affordable way to promote your business. They can’t be turned off, thrown away or have their channel changed.

With an aim to provide you with most effective billboard advertisements, we back each order with prompt customer service.

At Parker Outdoor Inc. we understand your needs and value your business. We make your billboard advertisement accurate and solution based. Our goal is to design an advertisement to increase your business. We currently serve established, flourishing and emerging medical industries and small businesses.

Our core competencies set us apart and give us an edge over other companies in the billboard industry:

  • Sign #2 SouthSign #2 SouthMore billboards to choose from
  • Can provide single or multiple locations
  • Installation supervision and coordination
  • Continuous investment on research and development
  • Design assistance and committed project management
  • We fill in the gaps and offer locations our competitors can’t reach
  • Unmatched technical expertise

Regardless of how big or small your marketing budget, we are confident in our ability to fulfill your advertising needs. Our unmatched technical expertise enables us to meet your out-of-home campaign needs and provide you with a pleasant outdoor advertising experience.

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