Yakima Billboard Advertising

Sign #39Sign #39These Billboards offer excellent outdoor advertising exposure in the competitive market of Yakima at reasonable prices. Billboards are effective and responsive to your marketing needs and can provide an elevated level of consumer exposure to communicate your message.

Location is the main component of out-of-home advertising. Our billboards are displayed at interstates, expressways and key intersections to offer you high visibility. Bulletin billboards are a dominating advertisement medium that cannot be ignored, turned off or thrown away. They remain a true form of out-of-home advertising 24x7.

Sign #35 WestSign #35 WestBenefits of bulletin billboards:

  • Create tremendous impact due to their large and size.
  • High visibility.
  • Low cost per unit of advertisement.
  • Stimulates sales near point of purchase.
  • Versatile.
  • Target potential consumers demographically and geographically.
  • Ability to rapidly build the brand and product identity.



The details about the available sites are mentioned below:


The Billboard displayed at this location will offer immense exposure for your products and services. Parker Outdoor Inc. is a one-stop shop for your out-of-home promotional needs. We will be happy to discuss your outdoor advertising needs at this prime location.

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