Cashmere, WA Poster Billboard Rates

Location Visible To Facing Size (ft)
Daily Traffic Count Latitude/Longitude
29 5955 Hwy 2 @Goodwin Rd Bridge, Cashmere Eastbound West 12’ x 24’ 16,000 47.526268,

Billboards are Good for Your Business

What you can expect at Parker Outdoor:

  • BIG EXPOSURE High traffic location with 16,000 cars per day.
  • HIGH IMPACT This poster sign stands out at 24 feet wide.
  • TARGET MARKET Reach customers in your market area.
  • LOWEST COST PER THOUSAND Lower than TV, Radio, or Internet.
  • DIRECTIONAL SIGNS Direct customers straight to your business. 
  • BOLD DESIGNS and DURABILITY Digital format printing, reusable.
  • LOCATIONS Rotate your ad to other Parker Outdoor sign locations.


Sign 29 West (summer) – no illumination

Sign 29 West (winter) – no illumination